Six years ago, I still remembered this moment. Moment that would be unforgettable memory in my life. I and Jaka went to town from my village. The distance is so far, maybe it is about 30 kilometres. We took bus in early morning, after praying at dawn. We wanted to see a new in newspaper about the result of university entrance exam. We really hoped that we would be accepted to study in Gajahmada University, Our dream university. After we reached at bus station, we dropped in magazine shop near station. So crowded inside. I encountered  teens buying the same newspaper as we did. We bought Jawa Post. Jaka opened pages of newspaper in curiosity and impatient.

“ Look!! Here is your name… Congratulation” Jaka exclaimed

“ What’s university?” I asked

“ Gajahmada University. You are student at Civil engineering. Finally your dream comes true, Indra”

I am still not believed what I just heard. Suddenly I felt out of confusion turn to happy.

“ how about You, Jaka?” I asked him while he was looking for his own name.

Then he replied ” I am not lucky today”. His face looked so down. I felt pity to him. “ If I had studied harder, I would have passed this test” he took deep breath

“ You can go to study at local university here. There are few of remarkable university in this town” I tried to comfort him. Jaka is my childhood friend. We always have the same class from elementary school until senior high school. And of course, we always go to school and back home together. So you can guess how close we are. We have the same hobby in travelling, interest in culture and we always being together in up and down. Yogyakarta is our study destination dream since we knew many alumnus graduated there being successful person in their life.  That’s what made me sad  when I knew that he failed on his test.

We went back home. On bus trip, we didn’t talk each other. Jaka was enjoying a farmland scenery in outside of the bus. I knew, Jaka was still disappointed. That can not be hidden by looking at his face. Full of great sorrow. Suddenly, I broke up the silence.” Jaka, I think I couldn’t go to Yogya. If I were rich boy, I would continue my study. You know, Abah is still struggling of his lung cancer. He needs more money for his medical treatment. Also my brother is still finishing his majority in medical faculty. I couldn’t imagine what happen next. I don’t want my brother suddenly cutting up his class.  Maybe, next year I will continue my study”

“ that’s bad idea, Indra. Your Father disagree with you surely. I know your father more than you think”

“yeah. but you know, Ibnu’s father needs an employee in his shop.  I can save my money before I go to study to Yogya next year”

“Stop talking nonsense. Your Father would be disappointed of you. You have to take this opportunity. You can take a spare time there if you want to work. You could be private lecturer for elementary school student”.

“Okay, but it will be better waiting the result of STAN entrance exam. I hear from everybody, this college pays free for its student”.

“the announcement will be informed two months later. How if you fail on this test. You’ll get looser” his voice sound angry  a little bit

After that, We kept in silence. We were still busy to think of our own world.


I arrived home.

“How about your test?? “ Abah asked while sitting in his wheel chair.

“I failed, Abah? “ I lied

“You are kidding. Jaka’s Father just called me in telephone.he said that you was successful in exam”

At that time, I can not talk bullshit again in front of Abah. “ Abah, I think I want searching for a job in this town. We all know that we have financial problem”.

“Don’t worry about that” Abah tried to convince me. “What can you do with a senior high school diploma. You will get nothing”.

I said, “No, Abah, you don’t need to do this for me. I know Abah loves me, but…”

“Shh, my son, let your Abah keep his promise.”Abah insisted ,“ it is my obligation to make my son being successful person. Just be happy, that’s the only thing you ought to do,” he said touching at my shoulder, and smiling broadly. I said nothing and my mother could only shrug her shoulders. we all knew that nobody in this home could protest in his way.

“Don’t make stupid mistakes there. You must study hard. And then don’t go home before you are graduated.


“I will try to attend your graduation ceremony” Abah replied cutting my words. Don’t worry about home”.


 Two months Later.

My handphone made noise when I had a class.

Indra, Now I am student at State Accountancy College.

A message was sent by Jaka. I smiled slightly. Sometimes, God always make us surprised by His design. Unpredictable.


 Four years later

After trying to survive in Yogya, Finally  I could finish my study. It was kind of a very tough effort  if I remembered how hard being student even living alone and  far away from my homeland. Although I was not a cumlaude,still  I could smile happily. I passed my study on time with excellent mark Suddenly,.I felt a rush myself.  I wanted to make a call to my parent in home. Giving a joyful news about my graduation.

“Assalamualaikum …..” I started conversation

“Wa alaikumussalam. what brings you to call me up, Indra?”

“Oh, mom, I … I …I just miss you. I’d like to talk a little to Abah, please. Is he there? Mom, could you …?

I heard a deep sigh at the end of the line. Mom kept silent.

“Mom, I am engineer now. Abah must be proud of me” I continued my words

“Abah had died four years ago. Seven days later after you was boarding at Selaparang Airport. hm…He ordered me not inform to you when he was dying. But don’t be sad, Indra. Now Abah is smiling at you in heaven”

Diterbitkan oleh Indra

Civil Servant and Independent Traveler

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