Fate Of Our Imigrant Workers

Two months ago, I met my old friend in Market. Zahra is her name. When she was eight years old, She became an orphan and raised by her poor uncle. After graduated from Senior High School, she tried to work in Saudi Arabia being a maid. She had no choice because she might not depend on her life with her uncle in all her life. So, going and working overseas was a way out to fight poverty and survive for better life. Unfortunately, her experience was not too much different with other Indonesian migrant workers whom got bad treatment by employer. Zahra herself was often tortured physically without any reason and got sexual harassment, even didn’t get paid for six months. Luckily, she succeeded to run away from her employer’s house in the dark night and asked protection to the Indonesia embassy in Jeddah.

I was extremely sad and feeling a pity when I heard her stories during working In Saudi Arabia. In many times, we often hear or watch on television about our migrant workers who are unfortune, mistreated, burned with an iron in their body and being victim in acid attack, even dead at the hand of abusive employer. This news always make us afraid as if we see a ghost. In this case, I want Indonesia government to take action to stop violence against our migrant workers. Our Government must defend our worker and demand for justice. We can ask Saudi Arabia to pay compensation for victim of abuse. Furthermore, We must have power to urge Saudi Arabia taking legal action by punishing the abusive employer according to law. It’s really important for the sake of national pride because sometimes Saudi Arabia didn’t care and pay attention for such cases.

Diterbitkan oleh Indra

Civil Servant and Independent Traveler

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