The Origin of My Name

Hello isna, when you hold a quiz gifted a postcard in Indonesian postcrossing community forum, I am thinking about to take a part. Of course since I remember your previous postcard adrressed to my place, until now it hasnt reached to my house (nangis bombay. What this is a fact  that I live in a very remote area? Oh no!!).


Oke, isna My name is Indra Ardiansyah. Like all parents in over the world, surely my parents did not give my birth name in  vain. Name is a wish. Parent’s desire. Ok, The word “Indra” (not inder) comes from the Hindu mythology. Indra in the Holy Vedas is described as the leader of the gods (Pemimpin dewa dewa lho). By the wise men, He was given a various titles as the god of weather, the god of war, the god of rain, the king of Khayangan and many titles clinging to him based on his character. He is the God who led the eight deities that take responsibilities in controlling aspects of nature. That’s why my father want me in later, I will always treat the earth well and make it as a better place for its mortal or entire human race.

 When I went to the puppet museum in Old town of Jakarta, I saw a puppet of Batara Indra. He is depicted holding a lightning thunderbolt in his hand (cetar membahana kan pegang petir di tangannya) and ride on a white elephant. Because of that, He is also well-known as God of Thunderstorm. Join with other Gods, he was chosen being the leader to conquer againts giants. And they won. Based on this old puppetry story, My father craved on me in order I could take advantages of his characters. For examples, always to protect and speak up for the poor/weakness and defying againts all forms of tyrani.

Next  the word of “ardian”. Ardian is “Gunung” in Javanese language though I doubt it. Because I rarely hear this word from Javanese native people. When we say “Gunung”, the word of “Tinggi or Besar” might go around in our mind, right? My parents want me so damnly for being a notable person in this world. Being a notable person, it is should not be showed with a noted profession such as president and minister, but how we can benefit to others and respect them. In addition and enrich our knowledge, according to the holy Vedas, Batara indra situated in Mount Meru in heaven. And we know Mount Semeru, the highest mountain  in East Java, its origin name is influenced by this belief. My father  always told me that never stop to dream in my entire life. Keep your chin up to the summit of Mountain. Put your dream to the highest. Going to the extra miles. Besides that, my father want his last only beloved son someday would eager to adventurous activity such as hiking and hopping Island. At the end, their dream come true. I like traveling, visit a new places and encounter various race in my journey.


Last but not least, “Syah” originally comes from the word of “Raja” in Middle east language. It literally represent a king, captain or leader. Wow. Finally, all by means you find what image that my parents want to me. On briefly, the meaning of my name is “Pemimpin yang tegas, berhati tulus, tak pernah berhenti bermimpi dan selalu membela kaum yang lemah serta menyukai dunia petualangan hehe. Those characters is expected  eternally comes into my soul and give spirit in my daily activity. Shadow upon me where my feet step on 🙂

*this post is specially made for gaining a postcard from isna nugraha putra

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Civil Servant and Independent Traveler

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