Let share happiness by giving gift

Let recite together this powerful verse of Hadist that Al bukhari wrote it in Al-Adab Al-Mufrad 594
“Give gifts and you will love one another.” (“Saling memberilah hadiah, niscaya kalian akan saling mencintai” )

As we know, the practice of this amazing deed is rarely applied or implemented recently. This all started from sense of selfishness that making us to hold all treasures and unwillingly give some as gift to others. We see how many things about gift has lost its essence in our life. Gift is just described as paying debt of gratitude. Of course, we might heard some person said “ there is no need to share anything To “A” because he was stingy. But give it to B because yesterday he send kindness by bringing a cake to our house.” Astagfirulloh…I hope we are not kind of that person.

Dear All my brother moslem, why we are so cheap toward the abundant mercies that Allah bestow us. Why it should be not easy to share gift to our family, neighbor, and relatives? What something called “love” has lost in our heart. Yes because love has faded away and it becomes bigger as well as the increasing of selfishness that stayed in our heart.

Nas alulloha salaman afiyah.

So what the importance of sharing gift?
Al-Imam Zainuddin Abdur Rauf Al-Munawiy -rahimahullah- said, “ thus it, the gift will bring your heart to happiness and throw away our heart from hatred. Receiving gifts is sunnah. ”

Dear all my moslem brother, if we reflect on, there are little things that we can do as gift to your fellow. A modest example like when we borrow a book from our friend, we will return the book on good condition. It could be on a beautiful neat wrapped book. See, your friends surely must be happier and smile at that book.

All has its way. Indeed, It is depend on our need and will to share happiness by giving a gift.

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